Cornershop Promo Code Canada 2024

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Cornershop Promo Code Canada

Comershop is an application for mobile devices that allows you to make a shopping list of products in different specialty stores and supermarkets, explore its different aisles or use the search tab. Now, start adding products to your cart and Un Shopper will buy your products for you and have them at your doorstep in the blink of an eye.

Get 3 free shipments to order groceries from home with Cornershop.

The instructions are simple:

  • Visit this link

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  • Enter your details and register
  • Order from home

Conditions: Valid for 3 free shipments for your first orders during one month.

You can add your code at the time of purchase or before, the credits will be credited to your account for when you place your next order.

In the “Account” menu, look for the credits icon, there you can enter your promotional code and the promotion will be automatically credited to your account.

How does the charge for your order work?

Cornershop makes two payments. The first initial charge corresponds to about 85% of the order total, once the purchase is completed, Cornershop will charge you the difference.

In the event that the total cost of the purchase is less than the above 85%, the remainder will be refunded to your card. The charge for the service performed by Cornershop is included in the visible prices of the products, which can range from 6% to 18% depending on the store (you can see by looking at the name of the store in the application).

Please note that product prices do not apply store offers. Also, Cornershop does not charge extra for distance.

Orders can take from 60 minutes to the next day at your convenience. When you cancel the shipment you will see a list of available schedules, these depend on the time the order is placed, size, demand and other variables.

Who does my shopping?

A savvy shopper chooses to buy from you as if they were shopping for themselves. After placing their order, one of the shoppers receives and accepts the order via the mobile app. The shopper receives the list of items they have ordered, as well as the instructions they have provided. Before the buyer pays, they call the buyer to suggest replacement products that may be out of stock. At that time, he can also request additional items to add to the cart, in case he has forgotten something.

Cornershop offers you the immediacy of technology to bring the best of all stores to your home, and at the best price too. Redeem the Cornershop Promo Code Canada discount coupon and get free shipping.

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Founded in Chile in 2015, Cornershop is a platform that allows users to search and purchase items from local supermarkets, independent stores and specialty stores for on-demand and planned delivery.

The radius of action started in Santiago and in a short time spread to six regions in Chile. In two years, it opened more than 100 stores and met the requirements necessary to be mentioned among the 30 best businesses of 2017, according to Forbes magazine.

Since then, it has distributed more than 3,000 shoppers in Latin America, attracting the attention of large companies such as Walmart and Uber, which finally acquired it in June 2020 for $450 billion.

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